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2005 Developed PATA SSD
2006 Demonstrate SATA 64GB SSD at SEK2006
2007 Announced SSD for automotive (SEK2007)
2008 SSD tecnology consulting contract to Hynix
Developed SATA SSD for Military application
Developed SCSI SSD for Military application
Technology alliance with Hyundai Jcom
Setup Heat Chamber
2009 Developed PMC SSD for Military application
Setup SMT line
Venture corporate Approval from Korean government
Partnership with LG Electronics
2010 Purchase Logic analyser and facilities reaching to 20 Ghz
Registration of the corporate research institutes to Korean government
Partnership with LIG Nex1
Developed Specialty USB SSD(Military spec support)
2011 Venture corporate 2nd Approval from Korean government
Developed 256GB SSD(Military Spec support)
Start to co-develop SSD Controller with Hynix
Strategic alliance with Mosaid (Canadian Public company)
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