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Paxdisk was founded in 2005 based on the understanding computer system technologies and semiconductor technology to
make the best SSD products.

I have developed the world's first MP3 mobile phone using MMC card in 1999, USB Mass Storage since 2002, and the longest battery powered USB MP3 player in 2003, and tiny USB memory and controller in 2004.

This innovative technology would be a driving force to enable us to start Paxdisk. We have announced the Korean first flash SSD in 2005, targeting aerospace industry, medical devices, defense, automotive industry through highly reliable storage device technology.

We have implemented the world's first FTL under multitasking OS.

Pax FTL has performed optimal operation, whitch is utilising Paxdisk's proprietary software algorithm.

Also we have achieved the best design for ECC and flash memory life cycle.

We have completed several controllers as a FPGA device, now preparing ASIC version.

Paxdisk technology provides the best competitiveness to the embedded system,

and prepares tera byte SSD for the enterprise market.

We believe in corporate social responsibilities and do our best for customer's satisfaction.

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