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1" SSD

1 "SSD can boot independently, and operates in drive but we use CF interface at our convenience.
Compact Flash (abbreviated CF) means physical interface specification having a small card form factor, or an expansion card made in accordance with the specification.
It will be recognized as a Fixed Disk or a Removable Disk by the setting of the factory shipping condition.

Physical Spec

         ㆍ Form Factor 1.0” Compact Flash
         ㆍ Capacity 4GB / 8GB /16GB / 32GB(MLC)
         ㆍ Connector 50 Pin CF Standard
         ㆍ Power Requirement 3.3 Volt (5% Variation) ,5Volt (10% Variation)
         ㆍ Power Consumption Maximum 100mA
         ㆍ Size 42.8mm(L) x 36.4mm(W) x 3.5mm(H) : 15g

Performance Spec

         ㆍ Access Time Read : Average 0.3ms , Write : 0.5ms
         ㆍ Transfer Rate Read : 70MB/Sec,Write:70MB/Sec
         ㆍ Error Correction Hardwired ECC

Environmental Spec

         ㆍ Temperature Standard : 0°C ~ 70°C, Industrial : -20°C ~ +85°C
         ㆍ Humidity 5% ~ 95%
         ㆍ Shock 1,500G, 0.5ms
         ㆍ Vibration 16.32.G rms
         ㆍ Altitude -1200 ~ 120,000ft

PaxDisk 1인치 SSD Model Capacity Temperature NAND
1 inch    1 inch Standard    4GB~16GB    commercial SLC
   1 inch industrial    4GB~16GB    industrial

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