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Microsoft Windows has been expanded gradually in industrial computers (embedded system). Reliability is still important issue, but due to the UI and ease of integration, Windows has become more and more competitive than the other RTOS. So increasingly malfunction of the OS occurs time to time even in some mission critical application. Paxboot technology would guarantee the rebooting and give you the perfect solution.
■ PaxBoot™ Operation
Once users install os and application, your application will be operated in the shadow area. Install area and shadow area is splitted 1:1, to protect the install image, controller automatically performs some functions at the background.
Thus, in case of a sudden power OFF, you can ensure the rebooting based on the original image. This is our patented technology. It would be the most secure technology among the present technologies in the world.
■ The problem of Windows OS at booting
  ㆍ Windows has been designed to write some codes during booting
  ㆍ When Powered off during writing codes to HDD/SSD, the installed sw can be destroyed easily. But the customers or field engineer used to do so.
  ㆍ If we do write-protection, it is impossible to boot through HDD/ SSD.

■ PaxBoot™ Operation
  ㆍ After Paxboot switch is off, you can install OS Image & Application to SSD.
  ㆍ After Power is off, you can turn on the Paxboot switch, and power on. it's OK.

■ The Usage of PaxBoot™
  ㆍ Frequently power on/off computing environment, but demanding QOS(Quality of Service) application
  ㆍ Ticketing systems, DID, portable measurement equipment, panel PC, monitoring equipment, data acquisition devices.
function explanation
   ㆍ To protect from virus sw    Rebooting can void virus
   ㆍ To protect from illegal sw    Rebooting can remove illegal SW
   ㆍ Provide safe mode
    (automatic recovery)
   Rebooting can recover the final install status.
   ㆍ To support file system    FAT16/FAT32/NTFS/MacFS/LinuxFS/SunFS Support
   ㆍ To support OS    DOS /OS2-Warp/ Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista VxWorks / Solaris / MacOS / Linux
   ㆍ To support data erase protection    Actually guest users cannot erase the install SW
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